Give to Yourself Weekly for $5

Our society taught us that if one of our friends has a birthday or a special event happening we should bring them a gift. Our parents; our teachers; our friends; they all taught us that “others” are more important than the most important person to us– ourselves.

6 months ago I started to feel I loved everyone else more than myself and I decided to put an end to it. I started a new habit – each week I buy myself a silly, funny gift for $5.  It’s less than I make for working one hour and this silly stuff make me happier for the whole week.

It can be a shirt or a mug normally used for tourists. I can participate in a kids’ game in the mall. You have no Idea how much fun it can be.

After two months I started to look for more interesting stuff online and I found, a site you can buy cool stuff for $5.

How can you find the perfect gift for yourself? You can use Google search or start at

I’m listing here three cool things you can buy for yourself and they will surely make you a little bit happier.

  1. Make an avatar of yourself for your Facebook / Instagram / Twitter profile photo. It is really cool – (you can have a Simpson or Family Guy photo as well if you love cartoons)
  2. Get a fashion advice from a professional stylist –
  3. Make a silly song of the dumbest words you know. If you always think about words and try to match them to music –

Couldn’t found something cool here? – Go to the gifts area and instead of buying something for another – buy it for yourself –

You know what I ordered – share your cool gift for yourself in the comments




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