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Solve the puzzle of what a fox actually says

“What does the fox say” (aka known as “The Fox”) is the latest electronic dance song that is garnering numerous downloads on iTunes and whose official music video on YouTube has been viewed more than 174 million times.  The song and video were produced by brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, a comedy duo hailing from the Netherlands.

It has gone viral since its release last September and, due to my busy schedule, I regret only having heard it last week.  While the tune is quite lively and catchy, the lyrics pose a question that a child may ask an adult, what sound does a fox actually say?  From our toddler years, most of us learn that a cow goes “moo”, a cat goes “meow”, and a sheep goes “baa”.

Regardless of what foxes really say, the song is a very nice ditty that is a fresh break from too much raunchy and sexy music permeating the airwaves.  It’s a song that can be safely sung and danced to by children.  It’s also funny and the music video is highly entertaining so don’t be surprised this Halloween if a lot of kids start wearing fox costumes!

I believe this song and its success has opened up a new trend in the music industry—the composition of upbeat songs that both adults and children will like!  Don’t get me wrong, I still like rock, rap, jazz and other musical genres, but healthy pop songs like these transcend race, culture, social status and other barriers we put up to hide our insecurities.

Take me, for instance; when I watched the video and heard the song, I couldn’t get it out of my head. And since I have only heard it recently, despite its having been popular for nearly two months already, I strongly doubt that my friends have heard of it either.  But before I introduce them to the official video, I thought about showing them my own version of what a fox says first, and there’s no better way to do that than by going on to Fiverr – an online service that lets you hire people to do various tasks for only $5!

You know what?  My friends loved it!

So don’t hesitate to have someone create your own private version of what a fox says (, after all, it is very affordable and would make your friends stop and think deeply for a change.


A sumptuous meal doesn’t need to be expensive

My sister is a very conscientious homemaker, making sure to keep everyone in the household comfortable and happy.  Not only does she maintain order and cleanliness in the house, she makes sure that everyone eats a good, satisfying and hearty meal at all times—including snacks!

However, one day she ran out of ideas for what to cook and thought about searching for some recipes online that she had not had the opportunity to try.  She is a good cook, I’ll tell you that from the start, but she is not adept at using internet search engines.  She got confused in no time at all when searching for “internet recipes”.

So she called me on my cell and asked for my help.  I instructed her to go to 

a website I frequent because of the various, inexpensive, $5 services offered there by a great many people. Ever the obedient younger sister, she complied and was soon shouting with glee when she found that she had a lot of great recipes to choose from!  She invited me to dinner that night and, of course, I was more than happy and willing to oblige even though her place is about 30 miles away from mine.


When I arrived at her house, I couldn’t wait to get into the kitchen and see what she had prepared for us.  She threatened me with a ladle if I ever tried to enter the dining area without waiting for my brother-in-law to arrive.


It worked.


After a few minutes, her husband arrived.  We had a little chit-chat but all that was interrupted by the smells coming from the kitchen.  When my sister came out to call us to dinner, we were salivating already.


And we were not disappointed.  It was one of the most sumptuous meals I have ever had, and one of the best recipes my sister ever prepared.


So if you are looking for some new recipes (, buy some from the people at and treat your family and guests to some savory dishes they have not had before, and it only costs $5!

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Why Robert de Niro wished my aunt a happy birthday personally?

Doing celebrity impersonations is hard work. Now you can get all types of impersonations from almost any celebrity you want, for only $5 apiece!

An impersonation is the replication of another person’s speech or body language. A speech impersonation is the most common and, in many instances, will feature a mild caricature in order to make it humorous. The more accurate and timely an impersonation is, the more effective it will be. Now you can go to the site called and get any celebrity to say anything you want for you or a friend. is a website where people offer work and assorted novelties starting from $5 apiece.

When impersonating famous people, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. The right way is, of course, to have been a fan of the person so that you can, at least, somewhat act or copy the person in some way. The wrong way is to simply take advantage of the celebrity as a simple look alike and ride their coattails to fame and glory. Considering that impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery, one should at least be able to play the part, too—unless, of course, one was hired this way simply as a decoy in some fashion.

If you are like me, you are not very talented when it comes to doing impersonations and, considering that it only costs $5 on Fiverr, it is really worth it.

You can use these impersonations for anything you like, so long as it is not illegal or intended to promote a business. Sending an impersonated message to your friends is the newest hype, so, if you are unable to impersonate a celebrity yourself, you should just go and check –

You can really get something funny from there to send to your friends, or use it for something personal. I used the voice impersonator of Arnold Schwarzenegger to send my aunt a birthday message. The possibilities are endless with impersonators doing the voices of Robert de Niro, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, Tony Soprano and many others.

Using the services of the many impersonators on really brought me happiness and joy and fun moments for my friends and family.

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How much did I pay for Obama Impersonation? Is it worth it?

It is funny to think that you could have any celebrity say the things that you’d want them to say. But how is this even possible? It is simple! By having someone impersonate a celebrity and having them say whatever you want them to. This is really something funny and there are many amusing applications where this sort of thing could be very useful. Think of your voicemail message spoken by a celebrity. For me, I chose Barack Obama.

The reason I paid someone to do an impersonation for me was to impress my girlfriend. I made the impersonator talk in his voice and I played it to my girlfriend as though he was calling me.

Now I know you guys are wondering how much I paid for this sort of thing and if it was worth it. Well, now you are going to be stunned, because I only paid $5 for this impersonation. And this is not limited to just one celebrity.

I encourage you all to go to, which is a website where people like you and me are offer jobs starting from $5 apiece.

Just go to this link (Fiverr,com/Obama) and you’ll see that there are many options to choose from. I’m sure you also will find a good and entertaining use for an impersonation and, considering that it only costs 5$ a time, it really is worth it.

If I were you, I wouldn’t want to lose one more second; I’d immediately grab an impersonation for my own usage, specifically made to my wishes.

The art of impersonating famous people has been around for centuries. Often, it was the kings and queens who were the most impersonated and, usually, not in a very good light. With the advent of Hollywood and the star persona, this has been followed with the impersonations of many different famous figures.

Go now and you too will be able to buy a quality, believable impersonation for only $5! Isn’t it unbelievable? Whether it be a birthday message, a pre-recorded prank call, a voicemail input or anything else really, you can get anything spoken by the president as long as you are willing to pay the small amount of $5 for this incredibly unbelievable gig.

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Celebrity impersonator cheers up broken-hearted

There is a new and rising trend today that many people find entertaining, funny and very memorable—having celebrity impersonators greet someone, deliver a heartfelt or hilarious message, or do a prank call!

I recently arranged this for a very close friend of mine who had broken up with his girlfriend.  He had come out for a drink with me, and the rest of our friends, but he would often be distant, staring at practically nothing most of the time.

Well, several nights ago, we were all at his house, just talking and playing some board games.  When the right time came, I told him to access his email on his tablet and read what I just sent to him and open an mp3 file I had added as an attachment.

When he did, he heard Yoda giving him some good and much-needed advice.  It only lasted for a minute or so, but you could see his face brightening up with each passing second.  The atmosphere in the room seemed to light up and everyone was as happy as they had always been before his breakup.

So if you want Robert de Niro to deliver a birthday greeting, or have Arnold Schwarzenegger scare someone with a prank call, or make Morgan Freeman or any cartoon character deliver a funny message via a phone call, hire a celebrity impersonator ( at Fiverr for $5. is a wonderful website where people offer various services for only $5.  Thousands have ordered already; don’t be left out!

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What is the price of hilarious impersonation of Barack Obama?

Just $5? That’s preposterous. This was my thought until I witnessed it for myself. Good clean humorous impersonation of Barack Obama just for FIVE DOLLARS. Now I believe that anything is possible thanks to modern technology.

I learnt about this one day I was going through my Facebook feeds and my friend had this hilarious recording of Barack Obama. I also noticed that it was personalized because his full name was mentioned by Barack Obama’s voice. I did not hesitate to instantly inbox him and also left a comment on the recording.

I inquired where he obtained the impersonation because it must have been one and he informed me that he purchased it for five dollars. I was flabbergasted, so many endless possibilities popped in my mind what I could use a personalized impersonation recording of Barack Obama to do. I could use it to assist in marketing product, humor my friends and family, make announcements and the possibilities are endless.

After I found out how to get my very own Barack Obama hilarious impersonation ( I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the work I thought it best share it with everyone I know. Not to mention it was only worth five dollars.

Obama picture from

How much did I pay for a Breaking Bad style Facebook cover picture?

Breaking Bad was one of those shows that gave me a greedy feeling of wanting to watch more and more and not wanting it to end.  I was never ever before attached to the characters of a TV show and I know there are people all over the world who feel like me. Not only was this the greatest thing ever to be on TV screens, it has been a total game changer. Nobody else will get away with anything below standard anymore; after people have gotten a taste of the good stuff anything less will not satisfy them, just like drug addicts. It is impossible to stay emotionally unattached after watching this show, and that’s what makes this the greatest show of all time—how will Walt handle everything?

One thing that made me very happy as a fan was that this show got to win the Emmy for the best show. This was no surprise to the fans of the show but it still feels very good to know that this show which has a special place in so many people’s hearts, got what it deserved.

I loved the show so much that I wanted it to be a part of my life and decided to get a tattoo but, until then, I just wanted to make a statement on my Facebook cover photo with my name in the style of the Breaking Bad intro. I found a guy on (which is a website where you can buy or sell stuff starting from 5$) that does exactly this – making a Breaking Bad  Style photo for $5 (, I ordered and he delivered and as soon as I’d set it as my profile cover, my friends went nuts! I can really recommend this to anyone who wants to make other Breaking Bad fans jealous  : )